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Success Breeds Success

January 26, 2010

You could be having the worst day in the universe, you’re walking along and someone smiles at you. A big smile flashes in your brain. As tough as your life is in the moment you somehow manage to crack a smile.

Smiling is just the beginning but it’s a powerful beginning. Smiling is the center of our communication – it means: welcome, I appreciate you, I’m happy, I’m pleasant to be around, I’m energized with happy thoughts, I see the beauty around me, I’m grateful and I choose to feel good.

We are (project) what we think about. What are you thinking about? Does it make you feel good and empowered or does it make you feel inferior and defeated? How do you want to feel? How do you want people to see you? Who do you want to attract?

I’m not talking about living in a bubble and denying reality; but, aspects of your life can be realized without emotion – just a matter of fact or a temporary condition. Most recently I learned how to separate emotions from activity. Men usually get this easier than women; however, it’s worth getting!

If you’re not experiencing life the way you want to experience it, change your thinking. We may have physical limits (bodily, financially, transportation, materially) but our beliefs and inner-most feelings are completely in our power to change.

Decide to change. Choose your thoughts carefully, and if you don’t like what you’re thinking, replace it. You have to replace your undesirable thoughts with desireable ones just as you have to replace your undesirable feelings with desireable ones. How? I strongly recommend working with Penny Fillhouer, CCP ( and Deborah Battersby This is not a commercial. I’ve learned many of my successful strategies from both of these women. Both have their own time-proven successful strategies to help others live up to their true potential.

Smile, feel empowered, become unstoppable in your endeavors and achieve the levels of success that you want. Don’t let temporary setbacks determine your success. Seek advice and support. Feel successful and you will attract the exact elements you need.

In good health,