Women, Ask for a Raise

According to an article written by Jane Perdue of Charleston, SC, and a study by Pink Magazine, women in South Carolina earn 72 cents for every $1 a man earns. It’s important for women to learn how to negotiate. Many women just aren’t comfortable asking for an appointment to negotiate their compensation.

Where can you begin? According to Jane Perdue, Visit jobsearchintelligence.com or salary.com and see what the salary range is for people in your profession, in your geographical region. Speak with a recruiter specialized in your field. Prepare a list of compelling facts that shows the value you’ve added to your company. Include new skills and new knowledge you’ve acquired which attribute to your added value. Have you saved the company money?

Show that you’re a forward thinker. Think through the goals, objectives and mission of your company. How can you help them achieve these? Show that you’re a team player and willing to break the mold and continue to learn more so you can be an integral part of the team. This level of thinking proves your commitment, conviction and intentions.

Once you’ve developed a list of facts and how you plan to help the company grow, practice your approach with someone you trust. Jane also suggests anticipating objections and plan to stay calm, regardess of the outcome. The next step is to request a meeting with your boss. You must be prepared for this step before you ask for the meeting – he or she may invite you in on the spot, it’s happened to me! Be self assured that you’re doing the right thing even though it’s uncomfortable. Your boss will respect you for taking the time to prepare for this meeting and the courage you have for seeing it through.

Be mindful, too, that there are opportunities to earn extra money on a part time basis. If you have leadership qualities and enjoy helping others you can develop a reliable, residual income which may provide exactly what you need. For more information, please visit www.womenunite.biz and www.Udeserve2Know.com.


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