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Do You Have a Backup Plan?

July 16, 2010

There was an article from The Baltimore Sun, written by Jamie Smith Hopkins and reproduced in Charleston’s The Post and Courier entitled “Adapting to a low paycheck.” The article reviews the problem with diminishing earning power among the experienced pool of employees. There are hiring freezes, companies going out of business, layoffs and “nationwide, half of employers froze pay for at least some workers last year and 13 percent made salary cuts, according to a survey by WorldatWork.” People are taking jobs and settling for lower pay because “any money is better than no money,” said Mitch Halbrich.

Did Your Cheese Move?

Yes, it looks dismal. We can talk about it. We can do the best we can with what we have. We can settle for what’s out there, or we can step out of our comfort zone and look at options that we may not have otherwise considered.

Have you thought about a backup plan?

Have you thought about what else you can do to close the gap or even earn more than what you were previously earning by trying something new? Perhaps you’re one of the many looking for your next job, have you thought about doing something to earn money while you look? I know people who have been job hunting for a year and are no better off now than they were last year. Is it worth putting your life on hold and struggling with frustration when you could be doing something productive?

Thinking Outside the Box

If you had asked me 18 months ago to look at another opportunity to generate additional income, I would have said no thank you – not interested. After seeing so much pain and suffering from very talented people and experiencing the affects of the economy on my business, I decided to look outside the box. I made my list: what I’m good at, where I’m weak, what I’m willing to do and what I’m not willing to withstand. After thinking this through, I decided that I wanted to find an opportunity that had unlimited earning potential, residual income so I wouldn’t have to keep recreating business, a supportive environment and it had to be a strong reputable company that I could count on.

Then a light bulb flashed. I had been a customer of a company in the recession-proof consumable products industry. Their axiom was to manufacture exceptional products at reasonable prices. It’s not a company that most people have heard of, because they don’t advertise and because nobody gets hurt – no risk. I used my jewel of discretion to carefully review the company’s 25 year track record and realized that I could make a difference by stepping out of the box and helping others improve the quality of their lives. That’s how my Plan B, my Backup Plan began.

An Opportunity

I’ve partnered with an over $850 million-dollar company to help people put their back up plan in place. It’s a science-based wellness consumer products company that manufactures over 350 products, and it’s green. It’s simple with no-risk and is even willable. Noted in the Inc. 500 and Better Business Bureau Halls of Fame – and recipient of the 2008 Blue Torch Award, we’re changing lives by helping people reach their goals.

Home Based Business

Home based businesses are on the rise because Jobs in the U.S. are scarce and job security hasn’t been prevalent for many years. Part time jobs help, but for ambitious people the income barely justifies the time and energy. Robert Kiyosaki has an interesting video to help people understand the value of thinking differently. A lot of people get nervous and freeze when they even think about changing, that’s ok; but like any pain, breathe through it and see if you can move past your fears to explore opportunities that may be good for your skill set and strengths.

Is it Right for You?

Be honest with yourself, you’ll know what’s right for you. If you’re open-minded about looking at your options without interfering with your Plan A, this option is one worth seeing for yourself.

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